Here’s Why Instagram and Fashion Are Best Friends

Here’s Why Instagram and Fashion Are Best Friends

#Fashion hashtag has 505 Million posts under its wing. It says a lot, right? The strength of fashion as one of the major content category has many underlying reasons.

First of all, fashion influencers create visually attractive content which is not just limited to personal style. It also includes exciting travel moments, inspirational lifestyle and #relationshipgoals. Selfies, flatlays, ‘outfit of the day’ and lifestyle posts have an esthetical charm that turns followers into fans. Knowing about all aspects of the influencers’ life makes them connect more to the personalities and become loyal followers. So, while influencers lavish increasing number of followers and likes, followers enjoy the inspiration. It is absolutely a win-win situation!

On the business side, fashion brands leverage the style hungry audience of Instagram. From displaying collections to tips of ‘how to style’, behind the scenes stories and influencer collaborations; it comes with a diverse content portfolio. Content is key, yes, however for the brands what counts most is the sales figures. With Instagram’s continuous effort to update itself, it got easier and easier for brands to link content with sales. The, product tagging, ‘swipe to shop’ features are great tools to reflect on sales, measure the monetary success and gather engagers’ responses.  The ‘zoom in’ feature makes it easy for consumers to see the product closer which may influence the decision to buy.

Sponsorships generate engagement for the brands and earnings for the influencers. For the followers, it comes with the benefit of inspiration on styling and catching up on fashion trends. There was a time that the followers disliked the collaborations due to its straight forward advertorial attitude, however now everybody has got used to sponsorship deals. At the moment, it is very understandable that this is a business model for fashion influencers to sustain existence in Instagram universe. The other reason of the acceptance is; influencers learnt how to cleverly embed sponsored content in their feeds as photos and wordings.

Therefore, fashion and Instagram will keep on feeding each other and walk shoulder to shoulder. So, it would not be surprising to see further features to be announced which will support fashion brands and influencers.